5' Till
The Effortless Way to Order

How It Works

1. Order, Pay & Tip
Tell us where you are and what you want. Pay and tip via PayPal or credit card.

2. Receive & Maker Order
Bartenders receive and manage orders through the POS system (cash register).

3. Get Your Drink
Servers bring your drink to your table, or we alert you to get your drink at the 5'Till section of the bar.

4. Get Awesome Rewards
From clothes and beauty to pre-gaming to exclusive events, we get you offers that accentuate your night out.

About Us

We're young professionals who like a good time, enjoy quality products and service, and love efficiency. We have people who have successfully launched companies as well as worked in entertainment, tech, finance and more. Our advisors have been pioneers in fields like on-line ordering, digital marketing, and event promotion.

Work With Us

Venue Owners & Managers
We offer venues - including bars, lounges, restaurants, and clubs - benefits like:
  • Better profits, tips and customer experience
  • Integrate with POS within minutes
  • No new payments or systems to learn
  • Email contact@5Till.com. for access to our demo app or to get the platform for free.

    Partners, Advertisers, etc.
    We work with Event Promoters, Alcohol Brands, Luxury Accessory and Clothing Lines to reach young professionals that value great quality and service.

    If you have a product or service that speaks to our audience, email contact@5Till.com.

    Team Members

    We're always on the lookout for team members, advisers, and investors.
    Roll up your sleeves and email us contact@5Till.com.